Hi! ❤ It's Maki here, a cosplayer from Italy. And this is my personal space. Click one of these images to discover my blog and my world! Or just browse the navbar to get to know me better ٩(๑•◡•๑)۶ I'm just an ordinary girl having fun with her sewing machine and her crafting tools, enjoy!



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"Within the endless flow of time, I am alone."...Ok guys, I couldn't ever wait for the HD files, I JUST HAD TO SHOW...

Posted by Maki Eraclea on Sabato 25 aprile 2015


Maki is an italian girl, currently she's a graphic design student and a cosplayer since 2008.

My very fist convention was in Milan, I had so much fun! That was also my first contact with the cosplay world. I saw so many colorful costumes and... I decided to gave it a try! I'm completely self-taught, but for the basics (how to cut the fabrics, hems and finishings) I have to thank my grandmother, which has been a lovely teacher.
Up to now I tried to realize different kind of costume, like armors, school and maid uniforms, with different materials and techniques. I'm still learning!
I never get tired of this passion, even if sometimes the going gets tough!

The donations will be obviously used to make new cosplay! ❤